Finding Time to Write Is Hard

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Finding the time is one of the hardest parts of being a writer -at least for me anyway. I work days part-time, and have a young nine-month-old grand son living with me who requires 99.5 % of my free time when I’m home. Writing is just that little thing I do on the side, when there is extra time between naps! Everyday, in between loading the dishwasher and making the bed, in between feedings and nap time, I find ten or twenty minutes to jot down ideas or write in my journal.
Church starts this morning in little over an hour and Baby Kendray is napping so while the dishwasher is whining and the dryer is buzzing, I am making use of what few minutes I have to spare. Since there are several writing projects saved on my computer desktop, these few minutes are used to make editorial changes, jot down ideas and read a few articles about writing – my inspiration. I even had a few minutes to work on this particular article about finding time to write. There are times when my mind is exhausted after a hard day at work and then coming home to a little one. I either watch a little television or just take it easy until I can find the energy to write.
Starting a new family wasn’t in my plans a few years ago but when my daughter gave birth to Baby Kendray and realized three weeks after he was born that she didn’t really want him, it was my grandmotherly duty to step in and adopt him. Having met him and loving him from day one wasn’t hard to do. How she gave him up without second thoughts is beyond me, but there is a little more to this story than is being told. All I can say is that the situation my daughter found herself in wasn’t good and yes, drugs were involved – it was either take him in or the State would take him and I couldn’t see that happening, especially when it was someone I cared so much for. His mother has little to do with him now except during supervised visits once a week. His sperm donor has no contact with him whatsoever.
But now that Kendray is a part of my life, I schedule my writing time around him. Sometimes I write while he is in my lap! The truth is, he just gave me more to write about! My journal is filled with pages about Kendray – about his new tooth, when he started crawling, and how he makes me laugh. There are so many new ideas to write about – it’s just finding the time to write that is the hard part – or making myself write when I don’t even feel like moving a single muscle!
Make use of every free minute you can use to write. Have an idea, jot it down. Ponder it in your mind until you’re ready to write. When you sit down to write, the idea is there – all you have to do is take that idea and write the thoughts you had in your mind -turn it into a poem, a story or an article. The most important thing to remember is that finding time to write is hard work, but once it is written, you can make into a workable piece of art. Never let an idea go without jotting it down even if it’s no more than a short sentence. That sentence could turn into a saleable story.


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